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Old good Solitaire is a game of ages. Your mom, and granny have been playing this for a long time ago, playing with real cards, then using games on PC and now this game has gone viral by Online playing possibility.

What is the best online solitaire game?

The best and most popular online Solitaire game is a simple Card Solitaire. Try our Classic Solitaire, Microsoft Solitaire or Yukon Solitaire. When passing a level the next one is going to be harder and harder, try to use all the logic you have and then you will get the Victory.

Can I play solitaire online for free?

Of course! All of our games are free and available for playing online on any device you have. Whether it is laptop, Pc or a mobile phone. Our games are working with any of these pieces of software.

What is the best free solitaire game online?

This question is not too easy to answer. When playing and passing several levels of each game on our site just answer this question. We bet you won’t be able to choose one. If you send us a link and we will add this game to this question on this page!

How do I play solitaire online?

Speaking about the classic Solitaire you begging with a field filled with card – some of them are open and some are face up. You have a deck of cards in the upper left corner. Also you have to put the cards by it’s suit in the upper right corner starting with an Ace. Then your aim is to put all the card on the Aces. Is something is missing just read the carefull instruction of each game insetrted in it.

Online Solitaire rules

How to play Klondike Solitaire

How to play Solitaire full screen

Each page has several options how to turn the full screen mode of the game. Just press those buttons on the following Screen-shots and your game will take all screen of your device.

full screen Solitaire playing

Playing Freecell solitaire full screen