Royal Vegas Solitaire

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Royal Vegas Solitaire Royal Vegas Solitaire

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Royal Vegas Solitaire Game


Have you ever dreamed of playing in a real casino? If so, ROYAL VEGAS SOLITAIRE gives you the opportunity to experience something unique. This game has elements of solitaire and classic poker. You are expected to give your all. In return, it is ready to give you a lot of positive experiences. This is an educational game. If you show good results, you too can become a real poker pro. Be patient and bravely accept the challenges that this game throws you. Start conquering the game right now and you will have an advantage over others.


Create poker hands by laying down cards on the 25 places on the field. You earn points for every poker hand you create. Unlock the joker by matching all three joker targets. Do this by laying down a card on a joker target that has the same value. It counts as any card. You can use the joker card to complete all poker hands. Poker hands are counted when they are in a row, column, or in the 2 diagonals across the field.

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