Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest

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Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest

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Solitaire Tripeaks Harvest Game


SOLITAIRE TRIPEAKS HARVEST will give you the maximum pleasure of communion with nature. Here you have everything to grow delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. Gather your rich harvest in the embrace of beautiful landscapes. With each level in front of you will appear more and more interesting tasks. Each level is arranged so that the player gets the maximum experience. You just have to follow the instructions and get creative with the tasks. You have all the tools to grow a rich harvest. Get started now.


Hand-made levels Beautiful environments Relaxing experience Bountiful rewards


Your objective is to beat the levels containing solitaire Tripeaks games with variable difficulty. Each level earns you up to three stars. The more stars you earn, the more you grow your farm.

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