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Solitaire Zero21 Solitaire Zero21

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Solitaire Zero21 Game


If you like mathematics, the game SOLITAIRE ZERO 21 will please you. Here you will find all the most interesting things. The game contains elements of mathematics involving different numbers. Lay out the cards, but remember that you will need to make an effort to complete the task. The tasks here will be enough. The game offers 75 fascinating levels. Each level is not like the previous one. You will have to solve exciting and challenging tasks. You always have time to stop and think. If you run out of moves, use the hint system. Here they love and are ready to make a champion of the most resourceful and clever. Show who is worthy of the title of the best.


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The goal of the game is to collect all number cards from the board. Your sum must stay between 0 and 21. In order to do that you can also use special cards such as MIN, MID or MAX. These cards set value of your sum to corresponding value.

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