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Super Solitaire Super Solitaire

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SUPER SOLITAIRE is ready to give a lot of experience to fans of classic solitaire games. The game trains your imagination. If you have this game at hand, any boring time passes unnoticed. As you pass each level, your skill grows. You become a better player, enjoying the game. The graphics of the game are done qualitatively. Your eyes will not get tired of the game. Each task in the game makes you think and act carefully. Be prepared for an exciting pastime. In this game, the champion is the most patient one.


Klondike: build piles of the four suits from ace to king on the foundations, move the face up cards to a card of the next higher value if it is of the opposite color. Golf: remove all the cards from the tableau piles, cards may be moved from the tableau to the waste pile only if they are either one rank higher or one rank lower than the top card, regardless of suit. Freecell: build piles of the four suits from ace to king on the foundations.

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